Contact Mistress Vivian

Pro Domme Phoenix The best way to reach me is by telephone. However, I do not answer calls during sessions. If I don't answer the phone, then leave a voice mail stating your name, a telephone number and the best time to call you back.

I need a minimum of two hours prep before a session. If you are scheduling an afternoon session it is best to arrange 24 hours in advance.

Be discreet on the phone. All I need to know is the general type of session that you are interested in. I don't need to know graphic details.

Although listening to stories about your sessions with other mistresses is interesting, they aren't necessary for screening via phone. You will be screened on phone by the sound of your voice. It's all about how you talk to me on the phone that determines when and if we meet face-to-face.

    CALLING ME (602) 484-9221
  • I do not accept calls or schedule sessions from private, unavailable or blocked numbers.
  • If your number is blocked, then dial *82 before calling my number.
  • If the hotel or resort which you are staying in has a blocked number, then leave a voice mail with a number to reach you at.
  • VOICEMAILS: I check my voicemails on a regular basis. Leave your name, number, and a good time to call back.
  • I do not do telephone domination sessions. I am a face-to-face person.
  • Sessions are available seven days a week. Late Afternoons, Evenings and Nights.
  • I prefer at least 24 hour notice when booking sessions. However, if the season is slow I might fit you in with 2-3 hours notice.

  • I do not check my email everyday. It's best to call me.
  • Do not send me photos, nor attachments.
  • Do not send emails requesting illegal services. They will be ignored and deleted.
  • Do not send me graphic, overly descriptive detailed emails about your sessions with other women or what kind of session you want with me.
  • It's simply just best to call me.

  • My phone cannot receive text messages.
  • If you text me anyway. I did not receive it even if your phone claims it was sent. I cannot receive text messages.
  • Speak up and call. I rather hear your voice than read text anyway.

Mistress Vivian * Call 602-484-9221 * Pro Domination in Arizona.