Domina Vivian's Interests

Female Supremacy

    I relish a submissive who endures a session at my whims and desires purely for my amusement and pleasure. Yes, I love pain sluts. I enjoy every reaction that I cause in my submissives and the effect it has excites me.

    I aspire to be creative. To seek out something unique that a submissive has not done with any other domme. I take pleasure in pushing limits however mild those limits may be.

    I also enjoy challenges-- converting unsuspecting vanillas to BDSM. Although I'm not really an escort, I do place ads in their sections - to seize and convert vanilla men to the BDSM community. Some are eager and willing to try something new right away. Others take a little more time putting their mind at ease to try Domination.

    The goal is always the same. The more fish in the sea willing to engage in S&M, the merrier we all will be.

    Ancient Civilizations, Paleo-Archeology, and Submarine Archeology (below present sea level). Seeking out every matriarchy, matrilineal and matrilocal society on the planet as far back as I can trace them. Primary focus: Europe, Aegean coast and Mediterranean coast. Also researching among hundreds of Native American tribes to see which were true matriarchies prior to Columbus.

    Medical. My mother and sister are both gynecologists. So that's dinner table discussion. I like to focus more on genetics and all microscopic organisms.

    Music. I have perfect pitch hearing since a child. Used to go to night clubs, bars, shows, concerts, and raves 5 nights a week. I suppose I did burn out on the 5-night a week schedule in my 20s. But I can't change what I am and perfect pitch ears are always needing stimulation.

    Organic foods, fine wines, imported goat cheeses from around the world. I do not eat beef. However, I am a carnivore. I prefer wild game or free range. Venison, Ostrich, Lamb, Quail, and yes, I do like Rattlesnake. My dad used to take me rattlesnake hunting when I was 3. Tastes like chicken.

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