Mistress Vivian's Giftlist

    Slaves who give gifts are treated more favorably than those who don't.

    I have acquired many, many toys and equipment from subs/slaves that have been enjoyed by myself and others. Monetary gifts and gift cards are always appreciated. I remember every gift given for years.

  • Always wanting more electro equipment or more attachments. I love electro equipment.
  • Collars, ballgags, hoods.
  • New paddles, wood, bamboo, leather.
  • Always needing some more spiked heels. I'm a size 6 or 6 1/2 or 7, depending on the manufacturer.
  • More leather outfits.
  • Gift cards to Frederick's. Gift cards to Victoria Secrets.
  • S&M toys of any kind. Different or duplicate of what I already have.
  • I still want someone to make me a portable pillory made from wood. One that can fold up so I can put into a suitcase or put in some sort of carrying case.
  • Monetary gifts.

Scottsdale dominatrix

    Thanks to all my subs and slaves over the years who have given me so many gifts.

    Slave T: Portable Tens Unit courtesy of his insurance company.

    Submissive in Mesa: Portable Paradise Electro Stimulations Unit with attachments

    Sub in North Scottsdale: Neon Wand with attachments.

    Slave B: Leather heart studded paddle, bdsm dvds, nylon stockings with seams up the back, lace body stocking, fishnet body stocking, jail striped outfit for subs, two extra pairs of handcuffs, adjustable nipple clamps rubber covered, ball gag.

    Slave A: (a 12-year slave) A new suitcase, patent leather collar, black silk scarves, red silk scarves, red polka dot scarves, strawberry scarves, pink nylons, white nylons, garters, hair curlers, hair clips, another pair of handcuffs, velcro cuffs with portable slide under any mattress attachments, velcro cuffs with plastic over the door hangs (to hang anyone from any closing door), and I'm sure more thank I can think of.

    Sub S: Custom made equipment carved from hardened saguaro cactus.

    An Honest Male Dom Who Decided to Try Being a Sub for Me: A lovely coarse two-tailed flogger.

    Nipple Masochist in Mesa: Alligator clamps, vibrating nipple clamps, packages of sterile needles.

    Slave K: Gold spiked heels, gold open toe heels, gold sandles.

    Beginner Sub in Tempe: Bamboo flogger.

    Sub in Arcadia: A leather corset.

    Sub from Cottonwood/Payson: Custom made wooden paddles.

    Slave R: Collars, pulley sets, portable ceiling hooks each capable of holding the weight of one person, that one soft fuzzy long rope that they don't sell anymore, other ropes, tree ties, chain sets, ball gags and mouth O-ring bit.

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