Female Domination

      Hello. I am Domina Vivian, a pro dominatrix. I am an Arizona native operating in the Phoenix metropolitan area. I love kink and BDSM and have over a dozen years of experience as a professional.

      I prefer long sessions and don't like to be rushed. I am not a clock watcher and tend to lose track of the time during sessions.

      I am creative in my sessions always looking to explore something different and unique for those willing to endure my whims. For me, it's about what kind of reaction I can procure in my submissives. I take pleasure in gasps, sighs, twitching, yelps, squirming, shuddering, shivering, and tears. I enjoy manipulation, teasing, taunting and denial of the body and mind. I inflame passion and desire in my submissives and keep you on the edge for my amusement.

      I have been Dominant my whole life. I am a fetishist and a sensual sadist. I accept novices and beginners. I accept submissives looking to re-enter the BDSM community, as well as lifelong players. I emanate a relaxed atmosphere for exploration. During your time with me, laughter is just as important as discipline. Surrender to an experience of domination of mind, body, and soul.